jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

Holy Week Vocabulary

You can check here some vocabulary related to Cartagena's HOLY WEEK taken from the Town Hall Website

Treasure Hunt

Follow directions and see whether you can get the fabulous treasure

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Review your Vocabulary

The City, Trips, the Sea, Culture, Communication, ...

Listening activities from La Mansión del Inglés

An African Tourist Guide: Do this activity and check your answers later with the tapescript provided.
Innes on Travelling: The same with this

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

Info about Cartagena in English

Have a look at the Wikipedia entry about Cartagena

Ruta de la Tapa

Practise your food vocabulary with this activity from Inside Out. You can find here a glossary with related vocabulary and the key on the 2nd page of this document. Enjoy the activity...!

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

Listen to real conversations...

... at Practical English HOTEL on AudioEnglish.net (different levels)

Hotel Vocabulary

Try this quiz to refresh your hotel vocabulary

Travel related vocabulary activity (Prepositions and phrasal verbs)

Try this activity from better-english.com to refresh your travel vocabulary

viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Unit 3 Hotels and Travelling

Have a look at this website for vocabulary and for a quiz.

martes, 15 de enero de 2008

Tests on telephoning

Test 1
Test 2


Telephone terms, language, tips, practice 1, 2, 3, quiz from EnglishClub.com
You can practise telephone conversations here.

lunes, 14 de enero de 2008

Unit 2

Here you can find exercises to practise speaking on the telephone. More vocab here

viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

Key vocabulary for the unit

Have a look here.
Check you POLITE REQUESTS vocabulary here.
You can practise the pronunciation of the different countries and nationalities here.

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

Welcome to the Course

By visiting this blog, you'll be able to follow the lessons with more material and practise at home what we've been learning in class.
If you have any idea, do write a commentary and share it with everybody!

Unit 1

In this Unit we're going to review names, jobs, countries,forms, and socializing skills.